Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Reel Canada

This year, in two of my classes I had the opportunity to attend the Reel Canada Film Festival. When I was in grade, ten i was also able to pay tribute to Canadian films by watching two films with many of my fellow class mates when the Reel Canada Festival came to York Mills. This year unfortunately, I was unable to attend the festival because I had a specialist appointment. In grade 10, I watched Bollywood Hollywood and Siblings; both movies that I very much enjoyed watching. Both films, gave off an extremely Canadian feel. By Canadian feel, I mean there was a deep message behind the story, however, it was filmed with very simple shots. This year I did, however, rent Bon Cop Bad Cop, and I received the same overall feel to this film as well. Bon Cop Bad Cop is the film I had wanted to watch my very first time around. Bon Cop Bad Cop allows for the viewers to get a sense of the exaggerated French and English relations in Canada; where the French hate the English and the English hate the French. The film gave the people from Quebec a kind of "bad ass" look whereas the cop from Ontario was "prim and proper". This is obviously an extreme look on the French and English relations, however a look at what has happened throughout history in Canada. I am lucky to be fluent in the French language because both of Canadian official languages (French and English) were incorporated throughout more than half of the film. Bon Cop Bad Cop should many big land marks in Quebec and Ontario which brings out true Canadianism.
Although, I would have loved to have met the people behind such a true Canadian film, I thank you for the opportunity.

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